vicki trefz

Tim Fortune

Health Professions / Nursing Assistant Instructor for KTEC

Vicki Trefz is a 1979 Nursing graduate from Loma Linda, University. Her background experience included completing a nursing assistant course in High School in 1975 and worked in Long-Term Care for 4 years while completing her bachelors’ degree in nursing. Her diverse experience has been Public Health, School Health, Hospital Acute care and Cardiac Care, Obstetric office nurse and home health care.  She has owned and operated an assisted living facility and a personal care business. For the past 17 years she has been a Health Professions/ Nursing Assistant educator. In 2005 she completed her Masters in Professional Technical Education.  She comes to KTEC to continue to inspire and help young people find their passion and gain knowledge and skills to be a successful health care professional.